beckmannmooreyakistudio-12We can spend tons of text trying to give you an insight into our practices, our results and our relationships with our clients. However, we decided that the best way to illustrate this is to share some of our clients’ testimonials with you. These might have been shortened a bit to fit at least a few of them on a single page, but the gist of it remains intact. These are all words from our past clients.


When my band started playing on the OC scene back in the early 2000s, we wanted to make sure that people notice us and that they get what we are even before they listen to one of our songs. That is why we approached Beckmann Moore Yaki Studio which was a much smaller studio back in the day with the three of them working alone day and night for their clients. Our drummer knew one of them from college and we decided to let them do our stuff. From the first poster for a show of ours, we knew that we have struck gold. People were asking about us just because of the poster. It goes without saying that they have done all of our album covers and everything else that we needed done when graphic design is in question. Great folks!


Jared, Smoking Nunchaks


I have been running a small, boutique soap company since the late 90s and by the year 2002, it became quite obvious to me that we need a brand. We could have the best soap the money could buy, but people were just not noticing us. And how could they? We barely had a name, let alone a logo or anything of a visual presentation. That is when I decided to hire Beckmann Moore Yaki Studio to do our branding for us and they did it in less than a month. To this day I cannot believe how they came up with it all so quickly and how they managed to increase our visibility in such a short time. I can tell you that our sales jumped by at least 25% in the first quarter after we had hired them.


Annabelle Durham, Santorini Soaps


beckmannmooreyakistudio-11Trust me when I tell you that being just another real estate agency in Seattle is no walk in the park, especially if you are new and no one has heard of you. The only way in which you can make a space for yourself is to let everyone know that you are there and that you are original. However, in order to do this, you need someone who knows how to position a brand and how to make it visible. And that is exactly what Beckmann Moore Yaki Studio did for us. They came up with our logo, they came up with our billboards and they even threw in a website to boot. In the first year from hiring them, we have seen such a rise in business that they have paid themselves off ten times over.


Craig Johnson, Rainy Day Real Estate

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Beckmann Moore Yaki Studio is not only one of the leading graphic design and branding studios operating on the West Coast at the moment but also one of the most innovative both when it comes to the final results of their work and also when it comes to the [...] Continue Reading…

Beckmann Moore Yaki Studio is one of the leading graphic design studios on the West Coast and it has been involved with creating brands for more than a decade now, working with various types of clients, from smaller firms and businesses to some very large corporations and companies that [...] Continue Reading…